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Roy is a top SEO Expert in Bangladesh with over 6 years of experience. Basically, He is successfully providing expert quality eCommerce SEO and Local SEO service in Bangladesh.

Sajib Roy - SEO Expert in Bangladesh

About Me

If you have been looking for an SEO specialist in Bangladesh then you have clicked on the perfect website, my friend. Welcome to my site! I’m Sajib Roy & will lead your business into becoming one of the most successful businesses run in Bangladesh. Working with me, is a piece of cake. All you need to do is just have faith in me and I will get you the success you’ve been waiting for. I’ve been on this industry for quite a long time now and have been an expert in all of the sectors of SEO. In case if you don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of building a website and making its way through the first page of Google or any Search Engine of your sales. There are many other factors in SEO which are pretty complex but we will get to that later on. So, stay connect with the top SEO expert in Bangladesh to enhance your brand development online.



Everybody always wants to reach their full potential and abilities. It’s not only easy but also strange magic to reach this position. Different people can judge us as false, but a conscious person knows his/her true potential and whether he/she is living up to it. If anyone else judges your success, then you will live a life far short of what you are capable of. For this, we need consciousness & set a personal benchmark to reach our unknown potentiality.

I would like to tell you all, don’t make doubt yourself; everybody is more than enough. Just boost your mental thinking ability & develop himself a skillful person, that you can reach your maximum potentiality.

My Skills

Organic Ranking 96%
WordPress 90%
Local SEO 93%
eCommerce SEO 92%
Social Media Branding 98%
Website Analysis 97%
Corporate SEO 91%

My Expert SEO Services

The services I provide are reasonable and very effective than most services out there. My SEO services include:

Website Analysis

Doing a thorough check up of your website and check for errors that is effecting the rank of your website. This analysis is also called website audit. It is very important to check your website once in a while to see if everything is okay so that it can rank.

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is one of the most popular SEO service in Bangladesh. Many people has the willingness to start their own eCommerce business. Therefore, they look for an expert who provides best e-commerce SEO service. I am one of them.

Social Media Branding

As a business owner, you will be constantly juggling the various groups that your company is targeting. This means getting on social media to reach out to potential customers and make sure they know about what's new with your products or services.

Corporate SEO

The term Corporate SEO is known to enhance a business’s online presence by strengthening its authority in the internet world. Enterprises require the suitable internet presence to become popular with the customers and can drive traffic through the use of search engines.

Local SEO

It is really hard to get your local business up and running in your neighborhood with all the competition going on. My local SEO service will help your business become a hit in the local state where you plan to grow into a big business. My SEO strategy will reach your brand on the top ever.

Niche Site SEO

Niche site SEO is an area of search engine optimization that focuses on optimizing a website for specific keywords or phrases in order to rank higher in Google and other search engines. This can be done by targeting the right audience, using keyword density, and having optimized content.

YouTube SEO

Notice when your YouTube video is not listed on the first page of search results, Of course there are many reasons why it might not get listed there. If it's still on the first page, then that means that your video is a good representation of the content on your channel.

    Sajib Roy

    Run behind on a real-world organic SEO expert, customers will run doubtfully behind on you!

    Sajib Roy
    seo specialist in Bangladesh

    SEO is the process of affecting visibility in search engine results for a particular keyword or set of keywords. It affects not only your site but also other sites that rank well on Google’s first page. The purpose of SEO is to improve the number and quality of visitors to your website by using various techniques and tactics with the goal being higher rankings in organic (non-paid) search engines.

    The SEO industry is constantly changing and adapting with technology innovations and changes in search engine algorithms. In order to stay ahead in this fast-paced industry, it’s important to have a firm grasp on the basics as well as any new developments. It’s important for marketers and digital professionals alike to be aware of what’s happening so they can stay competitive.

    You might be wondering where to find the best SEO services. There are many different options, and it can get overwhelming quickly. It’s important to do your research before selecting a company for this type of service. Below are some quick SEO categories (industry-based) you should consider when starting out in this field! The needs of a company’s SEO are determined by the size and industry. 

    Our Team

    Why Business Needs An SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has a countless number of businesses that goes unnoticed in the eyes of public. Yet are the most potential businesses that will earn success with just a push in the marketing strategies.

    This is where SEO comes in handy. The abbreviation for SEO basically stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your website or business site rank on the first page of Google or any other Search Engines of your choice. If this is a new term to you it is better to let you know that Search Engines usually mean a program where you can search for any items in a database. Google is the most popular and the most commonly used Search Engine in the world. So, most people usually prefer on ranking their website on Google. Since there are more audiences and this will get them more leads. SEO helps in getting your page rank on the top of SERP. SERPs stands for Search Engine Result Pages. The result page that appears when you search for an item is SERP or Search Engine Result Page.

    SEO has different categories. And certain types depend on the clarity of your work. You need to watch out for the types of SEO you are going to pursue. Since certain types of SEO doesn’t support the rules and regulations given by Google and it may affect your website. Sometimes it may your website may get a ban. Our services never uses negative form of SEO. I am a trustworthy the top SEO expert in Bangladesh and I go for the best for my clients. This is Sajib Roy, a professional SEO specialist in Bangladesh & SEO service provider. Specially services provides in Local SEO & eCommerce SEO all over in the world.

    Different Technique Of SEO

    What is the best SEO technique? The answer to this question would be that there is no one answer. There are many techniques and tactics for achieving the same goal, which can vary depending on your business goals or target market. What works for one company might not work as well for another. You can do white hat SEO, black hat SEO, grey hat SEO and negative SEO for example. As an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, I always follow the  white hat SEO and  prefer it ever. The first thing you need to know is that each technique has its own pros and cons so it’s best to weigh out your options before deciding on one way or another. Let’s discuss the different techniques of SEO below.

    White Hat SEO is the most pure form of SEO and it ensures you the best results but it may take a little patience. It is far better than any other types of SEO and it will be less risky.

    This type of SEO may get you a faster result but it is a very risky way of getting your website on rank as it goes against rules of Google. So we prefer not to work with this, like most people out there.

    Grey Hat SEO is the middle ground of Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. It uses techniques and tactics that are not specified in the Google rules and guidelines. But it is not safe to assume that this type of SEO will not affect your website negatively. There is no assurance to that.

    Negative SEO is the implementation of Black Hat SEO and Grey SEO. This SEO has a complete negative and harmful intent of causing harm on someone else’s website. The reason why people do this is to create little or no room for competition for them in a particular industry. It is a very dangerous form of SEO that some use to get on the top.

    SEO has different parts. Each type of SEO is used to perform each task and has different objectives. However, these are all harmless and these can fall under the category of White Hat SEO. Below is a list of different types of SEO used to optimize a business page and get your business more leads.

    My Favorite Quote

    Why be in a safe zone when you can be the leader of your industry with my online marketing?

    Why Choose Me - As An SEO Specialist in Bangladesh?

    Normally, people may ask several questions such as what is SEO and how will this help with their businesses. And where will they find an SEO specialist in Bangladesh whom they can rely on? The answer can be broken down into much simpler words. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website rank on the first page on google. And what it does basically is, it gets you more leads and people will be able to find your website more efficiently. Now comes the question “Where will I find one?” Well you are absolutely on the correct page. This is Sajib Roy and I am your local SEO & E-Commerce SEO expert in Bangladesh. I’ve got an experience of over 5+ years in this industry and I exactly know what I am doing. I have a highly dedicated to support me with my SEO service.

    High Time Maintenance

    My team and I emphasize on this particular subject so much that never in my entire life I’ve gotten a single client complain about it. We work past deadlines and provide you the best SEO services that you can ever find. Time is an important factor for all. I certainly don’t like wasting it. Neither does my team members. So when you are working with us, you can sit back and relax.

    Highly skilled team

    I don’t know how luckier could one get to have such an amazing team. My team and I work very hard to get our clients to get beneficial results. My team consists of the best people who are certified as experts within their fields and surely, they won’t leave any room for complaints.

    Best Rates

    One thing is for sure, you won’t find an SEO expert with such affordable rates, and however, I never compromise the quality of my work. There is no way you will be dissatisfied with my work. As I get you the most amazing SEO results in just the right prices.

    Safe Services

    I do not go for any unethical methods when optimizing SEO. I only use the purest form on SEO which is the White Hat SEO. Often times when people go for otherwise they end up losing their site which can be extremely upsetting. But in my services, there isn’t any form of negative or unethical methods. You can trust me without any doubt.

    Professional Services

    This is the most wanted and needed factor for every client out there. I don’t ever consider quality over anything. My working process is smooth and trouble-free. You don’t have to worry about your business going through a downfall once you’ve had your faith in me. I never let my clients down as they are very dear to me. I always do my duty with my best experience.

    24/7 Support

    When you are my client, you will get the endless support from me and my team during your work. Whenever you need something, you can contact us at any time. Even for those who are looking to hire me, you will get full assistance too!

    Client Reviews

    I’ve been working with Mr. Sajib Roy for the past 4 years now and I must tell that no other SEO specialist in Bangladesh is as talented as Mr. Roy. I run a real estate company and many other e commerce sites with Mr. Roy’s Local SEO services I have been able to get more leads and customers. This has been one of the best decisions I made in my life in terms of business. With his effective services Mr. Roy has proved that he is a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

    Tracy H. Mason


    I had a few eCommerce sites. My business was going through a downfall when I was very worried about my business until I did some research and found Sajib Roy. Sajib Roy and his team has been an amazing company to me and has provided me the best form of SEO wherever was suitable for my business. Sajib Roy is not only a good friend of mine but also a good SEO consultant in Bangladesh. I haven’t worked with such an amazing eCommerce SEO expert in Bangladesh.

    Isabela Azevedo Martins

    Chief Technical Officer

    Thanks to Sajib Roy for creating such a wonderful company to help businesses people like me to get more leads. Sajib exactly knows what he is doing and doesn’t make a fuss at all. His working process is very smooth and I have never came across such a wonderful SEO specialist in Bangladesh so far.

    Céline Vadeboncoeur

    POP Singer

    I didn’t have much idea about SEO and its procedures but all I knew was that I needed a better marketing strategy to get my business on the game. I’ve looked for many ways but fortunately I ended up here. But no other website was able to provide such fine quality of SEO. I really appreciate Sajib Roy’s hard work and dedication towards this. He is truly an SEO specialist in Bangladesh.

    Ramiro Pinheiro

    Acoustic Guitarist

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. As an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, I am offering dynamic organic SEO services for multiple aspects of the industry including Local SEO, Blog SEO, Corporate SEO, eCommerce SEO and all-over SEO consultancy services.