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Sajib Roy

Who Am I?

Sajib Roy

Hey, here I’m Sajib RoyThe owner of this SEO Provider company in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a trust worthy SEO service provider then my service is definitely worth the research. I’ve been a top SEO expert in Bangladesh for over 6 years in this industry. The route to success isn’t easy but my hardworking nature has made me a successful SEO expert in Bangladesh and here I am running my very own SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. SEO has always been my dream and I’ve always wanted to pursue this industry. Success has always been one of the biggest goals in my life and to quench my thirst for success I have decided to take this route. I’ve completed my B-Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering Technology in Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India (KUK). I started this journey almost 6 years ago right before graduation and focused more on SEO. Throughout my journey in this industry I have gained a lot of knowledge about SEO and helped many people get their businesses rank on the top.

Apart from these, I also have a great knowledge of Web Designing and Development. However, I have an amazing team who does it for me.

Our Team

Sajib Roy

Sajib Roy

Sajib Roy is the founder- CEO of this company. He’s been a top SEO expert in Bangladesh for the past 5 years now and has never dissatisfied a client. His main objective is to become one of the best SEO Service company in Bangladesh which will help many people rank their websites in the first page of google. He is an On-page SEO expert and does a lot of the work himself. Sajib Roy’s hard work and dedication has helped him create a fantastic team who work break their sweat into just getting their clients the best results.

Raihan Mahmud

MD Raihan Mahmud

MD Raihan Mahmud is our OFF page SEO expert. He has been with the team since a very long time and has proved his wonderful OFF page SEO skills. He exactly knows what he’s doing and is an expert in the fields of SEO. Raihan has helped the team cover several projects and client works. He is hard working and has been always loyal to the company.

Ishani Mondal

Ishani Mondal

Ishani Mondal is the Lead Designer of our company. She is one of the most professional Lead designers one can ever imagine hiring. Her creativity and uniqueness has gotten us many happy clients. We are more than just thankful to have a Lead designer like Ishani in our team.

shafiqul- islam

MD Shafiqul Islam

MD Shafiqul Islam is the Lead Developer of our company. Shafiqul is an expert in his own field. He is a certified expert in software’s and has successfully managed to get this company its very own uniqueness with his creative thinking and skills. He is smooth and efficient with his work and can overcome any challenges.

man, male, avatar-303792.jpg

Munna Dey

Munna Dey is one of the top rated content writer in the country. His Advanced English skills and top notch writing skills had him beat the content writing game. His typing speed is as fast as thunder and he can get you any work done just in time. This young and dedicated man has more than just one skill. Besides Content Writing, Munna is also an English and Professional Customer Service Trainer at a foreign company. He also encompasses a very vast knowledge in SEO.

Nipu Saha

Nipu Saha

Nipu Saha is a very creative Graphic Designer. His designs and styles are not unique but also catches the public eye in a jiffy. Nipu has proved his efficiency by providing us the best Graphic Designing Service. Many of clients has appreciated the way the logos turns out whenever he is assigned. He is one of a kind.

Importance of SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

Companies which provide SEO services are usually called SEO service Provider Company. Now if you are new to this industry you may be what SEO really is. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is a very effective method of getting your website or business rank on the first page of Google or any other Search Engines of your choice. Google has been on top of the game of all search engines so most people prefer using Google over any other Search Engines.

Many local businesses and e-commerce businesses use SEO as a form of marketing strategy. This not only helps with the ranking but gets you more leads. This is one of the most effective marketing service that a company needs. SEO is needed for businesses of all kinds. Especially in Bangladesh. You may have the most amazing services but if you don’t own a very strong online marketing then it is more likely that your business may go through a little crisis for clients. Internet is the biggest platform for businesses. If you do not own a site or any internet marketing services then your business will not be considered as a trustworthy one even with real life clients. So almost every business companies out there use SEO. You may able to find that Real Estates, Hotel Management and Travel agencies always uses SEO. Internet marketing is their fields to attract as much clients as possible.

Our SEO services will help you boost your ranking in just a matter of time. We also provide a full package of SEO. We can design a very attractive website for you and publish content with top notch English. We will also rank your website with On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO. Our services are smooth and will get the most effective results in no time. If you have been worried about your website then this the perfect SEO service company in Bangladesh you are on. SEO isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However we have proved ourselves as with the best SEO Service in Bangladesh.

Why hire our SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh?

SEO service provider companies are needed in almost every business. Each business has its very own site. Whether it’s a Local business or an E-commerce one, SEO service is needed everywhere in terms of marketing. If you are looking forward to boost your website and get rank on the first page of Google then this is the absolute SEO service provider company in Bangladesh.

Quality Assurance

We never compromise anything with the quality of our services. Whether it’s time or money, we never let anything in our way to ensure the best quality. This is the part of the reason why our company has earned the most success as a SEO service Provider Company in Bangladesh. Our main objective is serve the best SEO services out there.

A Committed group of employees

We have a very highly committed group of employees that gets their work done not only in time but also in the most precise way. They have been with the company since day one and hasn’t ever made us upset. They work on your site over and over until they reach the level of success you want your website to have.

Safe Form of SEO Service

Our Company does not use any Black Hat, Grey Hat or Negative SEO. These are the types of SEO which is very harmful to use for a website. As it goes against the rules and regulations of Google. Our services are safe to use and we solely use White Hat SEO and White Hat techniques to rank a site.

Best Prices

Our services not only assures you high quality services but also it provides you the services in the best rates. Our prices are authentic and we don’t have any extra charges.

Well Time Maintenance

Time maintenance is an important factor in all cases. So is it with our service. When working with us, you won’t ever find any trouble in delaying your work. Our team is highly skilled and efficient in their own fields so they don’t require much time to finish their work.